Hmmmm chai latte... :)Like this site? Awesome! I love chai lattes, and you can buy me one for as little as £3 a cup :)

Your donations are priceless to help me continue to travel and work as a volunteer, so remember: chai lattes rock, good karma rules… and thanks for your generosity!



Nah, I’m just messing with ya, I don’t need your money. But these guys do! So consider donating directly to one of the charities below, or doing some volunteer work with them.

You always find the time and resources for the things that really matter to you, so get out there and “be the change you want to see in the world”. You’ll be glad you did.

New Life Foundation – Recovery community for people who suffer from addiction problems, burnout, stress or relationship problems.

SOS Children Villages – Orphan and abandoned children’s charity.
Stop The Traffik – Global movement fighting the slave trade industry.
WWF Tiger Fund – Our favourite wildcat needs a helping hand. (Or paw.)
Guide Dogs – Sponsor a guide dog or take them out for a Sunday walk.

And remember these fellows as well – the content on their websites may be free, but keeping the staff and the servers running isn’t.

Wikipedia – Our favourite source for online information about… everything.
Project Gutenberg – Dozens of thousands of free ebooks. Yes, free.