Easy Riders

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“Our brightest blazes of gladness are commonly kindled by unexpected sparks.” ~ Samuel Johnson

Journal, 15 January 2012. Khao Lak, Thailand.


Around 9h30am when I wake up. The earplugs paid off.

Shower and stretches. Can’t remember if I did any meditation. Off to the Wicked Café for breakfast, I invite Isa to come along.

What a stressed little character she is this morning, I find myself clashing with her over and over again. Even so we decide to rent a scooter and explore the area together.

Hum, even with the bike paperwork she stirs up complications… Fine, I get it, time to alpha up and take charge otherwise we’re not getting anywhere.


Okay, here we go. No more than 30-40 km/h, safety comes first.

We visit an orchid farm and the butterfly farm besides it… All this information on butterflies and metamorphosis tickles my brain. What’s the purpose for them transforming from caterpillars into butterflies? Can’t find that answer amid the posters and texts.

Another bike ride and we explore a beach nearby. We play and mess around in the sea, in joyful mood.

I try to teach Isa to drive the bike but she has a heavy grip on the accelerator and almost crashes herself twice against the trees and bushes. Point taken, I’ll drive.

Another beach. We park the scooter near a bar called “Zeus” and go for a swim. More playing around, like kids.

It starts raining. Amazingly the sea feels warmer than the air outside.


The bar is actually part of a resort, which has a swimming pool. Hmmm we’re in a cheeky mood and decide to sneak ourselves into the pool for a swim.

What a gorgeous feeling, leaning on the edge of the pool gazing at the sea and the horizon, and feeling the rain softly caress my shoulders…

Lunch. Lazy chat. We begin to get more comfortable around each other and start talking over more intimate matters, like relationships… My crazy ex. Isa’s current boyfriend. Life and all its funny tricks.

Time flies, and it feels delicious. We feel super relaxed. The bar plays music from the 80s and 90s – Supertramp, Tasmin Archer… As the evening arrives, some local performers start doing fire acrobatics in the beach to entertain the resort guests.

What a day.


9pm when we return to Khao Lak. I leave Isa at her hotel.

We wish each other good night with a warm hug which lingers maybe an instant too long. I give her a kiss in the cheek and another one in the forehead… I ended up enjoying spending this day with her much more than I had anticipated.

I park the bike near my hostel and lock it up. I’ll return it back to the shop in the morning.

Room. Shower. Update journal… Past midnight when I go to sleep.


• A fun day with Isa.
• Being healthy and strong.
• Second impressions.
• Flow.

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