The Deep Blue Sea

© 2012 Tiago Marques

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” ~ Jacques Yves Cousteau

Journal, 13 January 2012. Khao Lak, Thailand.


I wake up around 5am, startled by the sound of a massively loud fart coming from the other guy sleeping in the dorm. Sweet Jesus, what the hell…?

No more sleeping. Lots of half-wake dreams. Even my crazy ex decides to join the party.


Around 7h30 the van from Khaolak Scuba Adventures passes by to pick me up. Josh and his girlfriend Leanne are already at the shop.

Josh’s a funny guy. He’s in charge of the Wicked Café this morning, and tells me that when Leanne is away giving tours and he doesn’t have the patience to put up with people in the morning he plays some really sleazy music on the stereo to scare away the customers. He asks me not to tell Leanne about this though, or he’ll get in trouble with her.. Ha ha. No worries, dude, have a great day…

Van ride to the pier, and then an hour-and-a-half boat ride to the Manta Queen III, parked nearby the Similan Isles… My mind is intoxicated by the wonderful weather and blue sea, and keeps daydreaming up amazing fantasies of my future. It’s easy to be in an optimistic mood and have delusions of grandeur when you’re surrounded by such beautiful nature.

The Manta Queen III is a gorgeous boat. Yet another reason for me to want to become wealthy at some point soon in my life: to be able to go on boat rides, to visit beautiful places and islands, and do scuba diving and snorkelling – and share this with family and friends. I know my parents would love this place, and so would my (one day) children…


Snorkelling. Amazing, the clearest water ever. Lots of exotic fishes and plants…

After lunch (ate too much but the food was so good), I lay down on the deck listening to some audios by T Harv Eker. A while later we go and do some more snorkelling on another nearby island. The morning isle was called Honeymoon Bay, but I can’t recall how the other one from the afternoon was called…

The water is so clear that I can easily see the bottom of the sea from over 10 meters above. I try to dive all the way down on a single breath but it’s too much, can’t do it. Some of the other people can, though. Impressive…

Around 4pm we’re back to the pier and on our way to the KSA shop. We’re surprised by a sudden downpour, everyone’s completely drenched. And just as quickly as it started raining it stops again.

Leanne tells me I’m on the standby list for Sunday, if they get at least one more person booked I’ll be able to do the shipwreck dive… Hmmm. Oh well, fingers crossed.


Uff!… Really knackered from the snorkelling, this was more physically demanding than I expected…

Hostel. The fellow from this morning has left, now there’s a Finn sharing the dorm. Simon’s his name, built like a brick house. The dude’s into some serious weight lifting… I’m too drowsy for small talk so decide to do some meditation instead.

Meditation. Feels like a truck just hit me. My perception of my entire body changes, feels heavy and massive as a mountain, my arms and hands super heavy. I fall asleep afterwards, if only for brief minutes.

Meet up with Isa at the Wicked Café. Nothing vegetarian there so Isa proposes we explore some other place. She’s really tired too, and tells me she even threw up during the scuba diving class today… under water. Ouch. We pass by the pharmacy to get something to calm her restless stomach.

Lazy dinner near the beach. Papaya and shrimp salad, and fresh coconut juice. Starting to become really fond of this girl’s laughter… I escort Isa back to her hotel and go back to my dorm to read a bit.

Simon tells me not to be scared but he often talks during his slep. Oh for goodness’ sake, another crazy one…


• Nature.
• Lazy days.
• Being healthy.
• A good night sleep, if I manage to get one…

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