A Common Unity

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“Whether we like it or not, we have all been born on this Earth as part of one great human family. Rich or poor, educated or uneducated… ultimately, each of us is just a human being like everyone else: we all desire happiness and do not want suffering.” ~ Dalai Lama

Journal, 18 December 2011. Pulau Penang, Malaysia.


Back to the apartment. Shower and fresh clean clothes… Damn, my face and shoulders are burning, forgot to put sunscreen at the beach.

Dinner time – again, at an Indian restaurant. It’s not paranoia anymore, Indian food is officially haunting me.

Something different about these Indians though: they’re not Hindus, but Muslims!

Kelley explains to me that they’re not fully accepted by the Muslim community because of their Indian ethnicity, nor by the Indian community because they’ve converted to Islam… Jesus, people are so hard to please sometimes…

We say farewell to Catherine and Candice and return home. Using my iPhone I video Skype dad and have a quick chat with my grandparents, it’s their 60th wedding anniversary celebration today… So cool to see them again, everyone’s looking posh and nifty for the party!

Skype ends. Time to get the mattresses out and have some rest. Talking with Bruno, he tells me about this ten-day silent meditation retreat he did called “vipassana“, and highly recommends I do it too.

What a curious coincidence. It’s the same meditation retreat Piet told me about…

Knackered. Sleep…


• Some very educational days in Penang.
• The CouchSurfing community.
• Skype (when it works), a bliss to all travel geeks.
• If I manage to leave for Langkawi tomorrow, I’ll be grateful for that as well. (But if I get stuck in Penang for another day, then that’s pretty cool too…)

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