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“Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Journal, 29-30 November 2011. Singapore.


The following two days in Singapore also flowed surprisingly well.

Instead of finding myself “travelling solo” (still unclear on what that means), I was unexpectedly blessed with the company of fun and interesting people all the time.

After a good night’s sleep I moved to another hostel, the InnCrowd, with a brilliant backpacker atmosphere and much better conditions, following the advice of Debbie, a CSer from Malaysia who was also staying there.

Debbie had spotted my post on the local CS group as she was planning to visit Singapore on the same dates as me, so we kept in touch and decided to team-up once she also arrived. On our way out, we literally bumped into Cameron (from England), whom Debbie had met on the previous evening at a CS event.

The three of us clicked really well really fast, so we decided to spend the day exploring the city together. We went to Sentosa Island, visited Fort Siloso and in the evening enjoyed a Night Safari, all great fun.

We also visited Orchard Road, where we ended up having dinner at a McDonald’s as it was the only restaurant open by the time we got there.

Sigh. Not even three days since I began my journey and my “healthy life style” is already going down the drain…


The next day Cameron continued his trip towards Malaysia, and Debbie and I went for lunch at Chinatown. I never saw so many iPhone knock-offs in my life, and I’m still trying to figure out the Angry Birds merchandise fever that seems to have invaded Southeast Asia.

Afterwards we had a go at the Botanical Gardens, which was a refreshing change from the urban scenery. For some bizarre reason every afternoon it rains in Singapore with clockwork precision, and that day was no exception. “Two o’clock, you say? Better open my umbrella…”

The evening turned out to be another pleasant surprise as Teann, a Canadian CSer studying in Singapore, organised a dinner and tour around Glutton Bay and Marina Bay. There we also met May, from Singapore, and Iik and Lukman from Indonesia.

I guess when you linger in a place for a while you pick up a trick or two, and Teann had clearly done her homework: she managed to get all of us in Sky Park for free by saying that “oh, we’re going to the bar”, even though I was wearing my hobbit pants and that was clearly against the dress code.

So, back to Sky Park to celebrate my last night in Singapore… for now. Tomorrow – Melaka, in Malaysia. Cameron should be around, and apparently there’s a Portuguese Settlement there…


• The CS community – Yvonne, Marcus, Anthony, Debbie, Cameron, Teann, May, Iik and Lukman’s company exploring Singapore.
• Being constantly surrounded by people and opportunities. The whole myth of “travelling solo” turns out to be exactly that – just a myth – when you’re in your flow, and I know that now.

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