The Sky Is The Limit

© 2011 Tiago Marques

“You and I are essentially infinite choice-makers. In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Journal, 28 November 2011. Singapore.


After the tour we meet with two other CSers, Marcus from Germany and Anthony from England, for lunch at the nearby food court.

Anthony moved to Singapore a few months ago and tells me a tip or two on how to get a job around here. (Hum! Tempting, but I find this furnace as maddening as the London freeze…)

Marcus, on the other hand, is your everyday tourist sightseeing in town for a few days, so I join him for some exploring of Little India and Marina Bay in the afternoon. It’s raining but curiously it doesn’t seem to tone down the heat one bit.

We visit the Merlion statue and wander around the Marina Bay area for a few hours. I’m starting to notice the Singaporean love for giant shopping centres… maybe because of the air conditioning?

The Sky Park is particularly impressive, with its “infinity pool“. Note to self: come back to this place when I’m a billionaire (ha!), as the pool is reserved to hotel guests only…

The view of the city from high above is breathtaking, as it shifts from afternoon to dusk to night time.

There’s even a London Eye look-alike nearby… How cool is that?


• An afternoon exploring Singapore in good company. The city is more fun when shared with others.
• Speaking English fluently! Seriously, it’s such an incredible resource on this journey…

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