Freezing On A Jet Plane

© Author Unknown

“Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.” ~ Lord Byron

Journal, 26-27 November 2011. Somewhere.


I am literally freezing my nuts off on this plane.

I ask the stewardess for a blanket. She says that will be £8. I ask her, do you have anything else other than the blanket? Yes, we have duvets for £16.

Starting to realise why this flight was so cheap after all. I settle for a glass of hot water instead.

My mind is starting to bubble up and boil… I do my meditation to calm down.

The stewardess returns and says that she’s going to raise the room temperature a bit, and a couple from the next row lends me a jacket to cover my legs.

I go into sleep mode. It’s 2am (10am in Kuala Lumpur) when I check the time again.

Still a long way to KL. And still freezing.


• Strangers’ generosity.
• An opportunity to become emotionally detached from money. (Ego got in the way.)

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