Leaving On A Jet Plane

© Author Unknown

“Never part without loving words to think of during your absence. It may be that you will not meet again in this life.” ~ Jean Paul Richter

Journal, 26 November 2011. London, England.


Early morning at Condray Place. Zé and I are both crashing on spare mattresses on the floor of Coop’s bedroom.

Zé leaves early to take care of some business before lunch.

I join the Russian ex-girlfriend downstairs for breakfast. We finally made peace last night and ended the resentment from the previous months.

After some light-hearted chat, she offers me a red silk ribbon to wear on my right wrist, so I remember her during my travels as if she’s there travelling with me.

Amused and smiling, I tell her that doesn’t really sound like a good idea. We both know why.

She asks, what if you use it to remind yourself of your purpose and spiritual growth, that you’re never alone and that God and the Angels and the Universe are looking after you during your journey?

I tell her that sounds a bit strange but okay, I can live with it.

Cheeky Russian got her way with me again and I loved it.


Coop and I meet Zé near Clapham Junction to go for lunch at a Portuguese restaurant nearby, the Costa do Estoril. Not even 24 hours have passed and I’m already missing Portuguese food and beer.

I recall last night. Blissful evening. Coop cooked some Thai food, Idil and Shikha joined us for dinner, everyone had a great time.

Coop told me him and the gang were leaving Condray Place because the landlords were going to raise the rent but not really do any of the house improvements they had requested… I guess everything changes. Condray Place was the last remnant of my past life in London.

We walk back to Clapham Junction. The Winter is starting to show its charm, with plenty of girls in leggings and leather boots spicing up the cold.

I say farewell to the boys and catch the train to Gatwick Airport. My flight to Singapore awaits me.


• Inspiring friends.
• The end of resentment and illusions.
• New beginnings.

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