So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

© 2011 Tiago Marques

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” ~ Herbert Spencer

Journal, 23 September 2011. London, England.


I wake up totally stressed.

Butterflies in the stomach, last day in London… I do some asanas, hot shower, meditation.

Finish packing my stuff, clean up the room, write down some thoughts and to-dos. I have a few weeks in Portugal before heading off for my Southeast Asia trip and want to make the most of them.

I might be over-analyzing. I usually do.


After lunch I pass by the office to return the laptop. Feels like Friday, some people are working from home. Gavin is around, so is Nicola, and most of the GUI team.

The gang throws me a little bon voyage ceremony – hmmm chocolate cake, yum yum :) Plus a copy of some of the phones I worked on, a Chat and a Cloud Touch, as a souvenir.

I say goodbye to a few and, being a total social dweeb on what concerns farewells, I leave the premises. Gav literally comes snatching me and hurls me back indoors. “Dude! You need to say goodbye to EVERYONE!” Ah, right. Thanks for the wake up call G… :)

Gonna miss these guys. Still can’t believe three years flew so fast.


I get a text from Coop saying that his flatmate’s “spiritual birthday party” is starting soon and he would really prefer if we made it to the pub before all the chantings began.

His “flatmate” happens to also be my Russian ex-girlfriend… Strange how we moved on in such different directions. I barely feel I know her nowadays.

Zé shows up at my place, and we go for a walk across Battersea Park, talking endlessly as usual. He’s excited about this new girl he’s seeing.

Leaving Portugal and moving to London is being quite the experience for him, he seems to be having a great time all the time. Just wish he’d moved into town a bit earlier, not just a few weeks before I’m leaving.

Amazing sunset as usual.

We gather with Coop at The Stag for some Indian food, and by the time Claire joins us we’re happy on beer. We feast like kings, and head out for the Prince Albert for another round.

Wedding ceremony outside (on a Friday night?), the newly-weds and their guests light up a few dozen sky lanterns. We watch the lanterns as they rise into the night and sail away.

I convince Coop and Claire to keep some of the stuff I can’t bring back with me and to donate the rest to some charity. We help them carry the boxes back to their place and return home.

Past midnight when we finally get some sleep. Zé is crashing at my living room tonight.

Today was a great day.

Tomorrow, I return to Portugal :)


• Three amazing years in London, which has become more home than home itself. All the people I’ve met and inspired me.
• INQ Mobile, probably the best team I could have wished for when I moved to the UK. Young, ambitious, crazy. 
• Mr. K who constantly hammered me with his motto that “Where there’s a will, there’s always a way”. I learned my lesson Kev, thanks.
• Mr. G who for some bizarre reason never lost his temper when I did massive screw ups on the job. Taught me more about good manners and smooth talking than he’ll ever know.
• The gent and ladies of Condray Place. Thanks for all the wonderful dinners, movie nights, garage gym workouts and joyful spirit – you made Battersea special.
• The Russian ex-girlfriend. Relationships are not here to make us happy, they’re here to help us grow, and you were an amazing teacher. Thank you.

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